About YFNI

What is The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland (YFNI)?

It is an umbrella body in Northern Ireland for those interested in Yoga.

The Fellowship is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers to:

  • Promote Yoga and its benefits
  • Support our members
  • Train teachers

A key aim is to continuously improve the standard of Yoga teaching in Northern Ireland and support members who provide Yoga classes for all in Northern Ireland and beyond.

How is YFNI run?

YFNI is run by a committee of volunteers.

The Committee’s members are voted in by our members each year at an Annual General Meeting.

YFNI Committee 2019/20

Michael McCann (Chair)

    SueMcBride (Vice Chair)
Eileen Morgan (Treasurer)   Anne Furgrove (Secretary)
Maria McCarter (Membership Secretary)   Frances Rutland (Assistant Secretary)
Margaret O'Neill   Maura Parkhill (Safeguarding Officer)

YFNI Recognition and Membership

The Fellowship is recognised by Sport NI as the lead body for yoga in Northern Ireland.

It is a member of the Yoga Federation of Ireland, The British Wheel of Yoga and the British Council for Yoga Therapy.

Honorary President - Frank Moylan

Frank Moylan

YFNI Honorary President 2012-2014
YFNI long time member
YFNI teacher training course tutor

Our Patrons

Ken Trompson

Ken Thompson

Former British Wheel of Yoga Trustee and Chair (1985-88)
Made honorary Life Member of the British Wheel of Yoga in 2008
Principal of Essex Alexander School Essex, England

Dr Samprasad Vinod

Dr Samprasad Vinod

Yoga Consultant and Therapist
Maharishi Research Centre, Pune, India

“I have been associated with YFNI for more than a decade now. I got to know about YFNI in 1997 when Liz Comerton arranged my first program in Belgrade after having attended my lectures during the 20th International Yoga Festival organised by Yoga for Health Foundation. I feel honoured and privileged to be associated with it ever since! I have seen it grow in leaps and bounds since its inception. I wish all the very best to the members of this wonderful organisation!”

Lilias Folan

Lilias Folan

One of America's most knowledgeable Yoga teachers
Yoga Center, Ohio, USA

Liz Comerton

Liz Comerton

Liz is a relaxation, de-stressing and anger management consultant who has taught on our training course for many years.  
Belfast, Northern Ireland

"When we started the Yoga Fellowship we tried to maintain links with the community and encouraged the spread of the benefits of yoga by our unique teacher training programmes which meet the needs of daily living. We brought many international teachers to teach and train us. This has given us a wide view of different aspects of yoga. So all who join us are very welcome and can expect an interesting and exciting experience."

Moira Harper

Moira Harper

Belfast, Northern Ireland