About Yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice of postures, breathing, visualisation and meditation to promote good health and inner peace.

What does Yoga mean?

Translated from Sanskrit, Yoga means 'union'; this union is between mind, body and spirit.

About yoga

Why should I practise Yoga?

Practising Yoga will help you attain balance in body, mind and spirit.  The main purpose of Yoga is to still the mind.  It can teach gentle control and use of the breath to raise energy levels while maintaining calm and inner peace.

The most widely taught form of yoga in the West is Hatha yoga.  Classes offer students exercises to stretch and flex their body; develop breath awareness; relaxation and sometimes meditation.

What can I expect in a class?

Every teacher is different but in general you can expect to start the class with centring, you will move on to some warm ups and asana (posture) work, then pranayama (breath) work and finish off with yoga nidra (deep conscious relaxation).

With your asana practise you will find some classes are low impact while others can be quite demanding.

Click on Types of Yoga to download a PDF giving a short introduction to the various styles of yoga available.


What are the Benefits?

Yoga will help you:

  • Increase flexibility, maintain suppleness and improve muscle tone
  • Give a general sense of calmness and well-being 
  • Induce relaxation 
  • Reduce high blood pressure 
  • Energise body and mind 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Decrease stress 
  • Increase concentration and clarity of thought 
  • Build confidence 
  • Lose weight, but only as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Who can practise Yoga?

Anyone can practise Yoga. However, as with any form of exercise, if you have a specific ailment or are taking up Yoga for the first time we do recommend you have a chat with your GP.

What do I do now?

Search our database 'Find me a Class' to find a teacher working in your area.  Not all of our teaching members are online so please do contact our information service via info@yfni.co.uk and someone will contact you about yoga classes in your area.

Please note: if you are reasonably fit you might want an energetic class, however if you have not exercised for many years you might want to begin with a more relaxed form of Yoga. Please do ask our teachers about their style and discuss your needs with them.