18 Apr - Open Up to The Breath of Life with Michael McCann & Aine Dorman (Loughinisland)


A course of 5 classes on Yoga Breathing with Michael McCann and Aine Dorman

At NIRVANA YOGA, Old Park Road, Loughinisland     

Pranayama (the Yoga of the Breath) is the fourth limb of the eight-fold path of Yoga. It is one of the most beneficial aspects of Yoga and influences all the levels of our being - physical, vital, mental, emotional and spiritual.

There is a wonderful repertoire of Yoga Breathing practices to suit any mood, condition or purpose: The “Complete Yoga Breath”, sectional breathing, calming breaths, energising breaths, heating and cooling breaths, balancing breaths, calming and meditative breaths.

These practices have proven therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and vitalising the body’s energy. 

Over the course of 5 consecutive evening classes (commencing Wednesday 18 April 8.00-9.15pm) we will learn a variety of these beneficial practices, as well as a systematic foundation of pre-pranayama exercises.

We will also learn about the function of the diaphragm, the connection between breath and subtle energy, the breath and the mind, and hand positions (mudras) that influence the breath.

The classes will be practice-orientated and will include simple Yoga practice to open the lungs. The classes will be of value to yoga teachers, Yoga practitioners and those with no Yoga experience. “Come as you are”.

Cost: £60 with full payment in advance to secure your space. See Nirvana Yoga on Facebook or phone Aine at: 07798741794

(Michael is a Yoga teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer of many years’ experience and has taught Pranayama in Yoga teacher training centres all over Ireland)