24 Feb - YFNI presents "Unlocking Asana- Self Myofascial Release" with Graham Keenan

Unlocking Asana - Self-Myofascial Release with Graham Keenan 

Saturday 24th February 2018


Do you have a foam roller stuck behind the sofa? Perhaps you get it out to use occasionally but don't know exactly where to place it or know the best 'sweet' spots to make it most effective. Maybe the reason you bought it was because you either tried it in the gym or with a trainer and realised its value.


Even if you don't have a foam roller you can learn how to give yourself a well targeted massage using lacrosse balls (one is included with this workshop for you to take home).


What is covered in this workshop?

- Learn to unravel tension across the myofascial lines (long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that contract and adhere from habitual movement and posture) of your body. 

- You will learn how to release major muscles of the body and their associated fascia.

- Unwind and release muscle trigger points and fascial adhesions to experience profound freedom in your body as well as increased ease in your asana practice, squat or functional movement and beyond.

- This workshop fuses trigger point release, fascial release, restorative aspects of yoga and simple breath-based mindfulness.

- The result is an enhanced capacity to release tension, ultimately where no ordinary yoga practice will take you – deep into your fascial layer.


Who is this workshop for?

This is an all-levels workshop, geared toward anyone who can get on and off the floor relatively easy: from athletes to couch potatoes. 

- No previous experience is required.

- Personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates teachers, Physiotherapists and fitness professionals. Learn how to support your clients' specific needs (as well as your own of course!).

- If you have a body, it will be happier after this workshop. 

- Anyone who craves an effective well placed massage.

- Anyone who has tight muscles and limited flexibility, or range of motion.

- If you want to be able to use the foam roller or lacrosse balls efficiently and to their maximum potential.


The workshop is hosted by Graham Keenan. Personal Trainer, GMB Trainer, Gymnastic Coach, Yoga Teacher, Functional Movement advocate and passionate Myofascial Expert.


It's also sprinkled with relevant science, general questions on healing and the practice of physical therapy using creative teaching mechanisms.


** Please hydrate well before and after taking this workshop**.

Registration: 9.30am   Starts: 10am (sharp) Finish: 1pm
Venue: NICVA, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB
Refreshments:  Tea / Coffee and supplied 
YFNI members: £20
Non-members: £25
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