Are you interested in Yoga as a way of enriching your life?

Yes? Then join YFNI - Promoting : Supporting : Training

Annual membership

1 April - 31 March

Membership Fee
  • Teachers - £25
  • Non-Teachers - £15
Benefits of being a YFNI Member
  • Reduced entrance fee to YFNI Events (save up to £10 each time)
  • Teachers - your own mini-website on YFNI’s website
  • Teachers - opportunity to use the YFNI logo on your promotional material 
  • Teachers - save on insurance (£10 each year)
  • Regular eNews updates (provided we have an active email account for you)
  • Have your say - vote at the AGM
  • Access to the members’ only area of the website
  • Contribute fully to promoting all yoga for everyone
How to register for membership

Please download, print out and complete the Membership Form and forward with a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to YFNI.

Send to:
YFNI Members’ Secretary
33 Woodbank Road
Omagh, Co Tyrone
BT79  0NB

Membership is open to anyone who agrees with our aims and values.

If you've paid your membership fee for the year then you should already be registered for the members' only area of the website, provided you gave permission for us to do so and supplied a valid email address.  If you have not received a email regarding this then please contact the membership secretary membership@yfni.co.uk.