YFNI Safeguarding

YFNI Safeguarding


The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland (YFNI) is recognised by Sport NI as the umbrella body for Yoga in Northern Ireland. As Yoga has grown in popularity, so too has YFNI.  At our core remains our guiding philosophy as a not for profit organisation, which exists to promote a greater understanding of Yoga and its safe practice through experience, education, study and training. These policies on Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adults at Risk form an important part of that safe practice.

The safeguarding policies have been designed to ensure the welfare and protection of any child or adult at risk who accesses ‘Yoga’ provided by any of YFNI’s qualified teachers. 

We recognise that yoga teachers trained by other yoga organisations and other interested YFNI members may look to this policy document for information and guidance on the subject, and indeed the documents are publicly available on the YFNI website for others to read and seek such guidance, but it is important to highlight that while anyone is free to do so and information exchange in this important policy area is essential, YFNI only has a responsibility to inform those teachers who have been trained by YFNI. 

As such, YFNI-trained teachers have a duty to adhere to the policy and procedures contained within these documents and must familiarise themselves with their content. 

Any queries should be directed to Maura Parkhill, Safeguarding Officer for 2019-20 via info@yfni.co.uk


The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland Safeguarding Children Policy & Proceedure (Feb 2018)

The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy & Proceedure (Feb 2018)