Zoom Security for YFNI Yoga Teachers

While collaboration tools such as Zoom are fast becoming the medium for on-line teaching these days, there are some security concerns with “Zoom Bombing" where unauthorised strangers can join a call.

While Zoom is continuing to work on improving its security, we feel we should give the following guidance to our members who may be hosting classes by Zoom.

When teaching yoga classes online using Zoom as the platform, we remind you to follow the inbuilt security features to ensure the safety of you and your users (for example, using passwords and the waiting room so you can admit users safely).

Most importantly we would remind you never to share your class ID and password publicly, either through Facebook or any other social media platform. This is how you run the risk of being Zoom bombed.

Keep your Zoom class information private and share it only with your class members.

Zoom has endeavoured to improve its security throughout this pandemic and if you follow the security steps they recommend you will keep yourself and your classes safe.

Zoom is a useful tool in these difficult times and safe use makes it better for everyone.